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Creation of Affluent Society

We believe that contributing to society is one of our most important management priorities.
Specifically, we are advancing social contribution activities primarily focused on priority themes: gHealth-enhancingh and gsupport for child raising,h considering the affinity of these activities with the life insurance business.


CSR Activity to Commemorate the 110th Anniversary of Sumitomo Life gSumisei Vitality Actionh

Sumitomo Life celebrated its 110th anniversary of foundation in fiscal 2017.
The Company starts a new CSR activity, gSumisei Vitality Action,h with the purpose of enhancing health while showing gratitude on the occasion of the 110th anniversary.


EgMove your body with your loved ones!h

Sumisei Vitality Action is a project through which we hope to enhance health and happiness by encouraging participants to move their bodies with their loved ones.
To enhance health, an appropriate amount of regular exercise is necessary. To encourage regular exercise, we recommend participants to gMove your body with your loved ones.h


ETo create opportunities for participants to start exercising

Going forward, we will invite top athletes from every field to host gparent-child sports events,h etc. in 110 places all over Japan. Through encouraging parents and children to exercise together, we aim to enhance health and deepen family bonds.
Moreover, we also plan to participate in the organization of RUN events, etc., which are connected to the Health-enhancing by allowing participants to enjoy running with friends and family members.

ETo promote deeper understanding of health-related issues

We will organize health-themed lectures all over Japan, joining hands with the Sumitomo Life Welfare and Culture Foundation and the Sumitomo Life Health Foundation. Furthermore, we are planning the publishing of promotional brochures, as well as other activities.

Dementia Supporters and the Pink Ribbon Campaign

In the area of Health-enhancing, the Company continues to implement initiatives for nursing care and medical care. Since 2009, we have been engaged in training gdementia supporters,h launched under the initiative of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 10,400 supporters (as of March 31, 2017) have been trained so far through the training seminars we provided according to the predetermined curriculum, and this is the top tier performance among financial institutions.
We support the Pink Ribbon Campaign which educates the public on the importance of the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Our approximately 30,000 sales representatives nationwide wear pink ribbons, explain the campaign to customers, and promote breast cancer screening.

Support for Child Raising

Child raising project to empower the future

Sumitomo Life sponsors gAwards in Support of Child Raisingh and gSumisei Woman Researcher Encouragement Prizesh backed up by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We grant the Awards in Support of Child Raising to and thereby assist distinguished activities that support child raising across the country, while introducing them as role models in an effort to spread the good practice to other areas.
The gSumisei Woman Researcher Encouragement Prizeh is a grant program intended to support both studies and child raising by woman researchers.

Sumisei After School Project

Meanwhile, we are committed to gSumisei After School Project,h another activity in support of child raising aimed at improving the child-raising environments in all regions of Japan. Under this project, programs including onsite schooling are offered to after school child care centers across the country, with a view to enhancing the nonhardware aspects of after school child care.

Childrenfs Drawing Contests

Since 1977, we have also organized international childrenfs drawing contests to help the healthy growth of children. In 2017, we will hold the 41th contest. Over 10.99 million works have been submitted since the start of this program. In addition, the winning works have been exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris every year since 2000, inspiring the dreams of children.

Other Initiative

Global Environment

Coral Reef Conservation Project

Coral reefs, a gift of nature to human beings and also serving an important role from the perspective of biodiversity, are being destroyed by such factors as global warming, marine pollution, development, and natural disasters.
Furthermore, we have been engaged in the Coral Reef Conservation Project since 2008, supporting the activities of NGOs in two regions in order to conserve coral reefs and promote the establishment of sustainable communities.

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