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Our Mission, Vision and Values

The operating policy of the Company sets the “Management Policy,” which is our corporate philosophy, as the apex. The “CSR Management Policy” states the Company’s universal mission stated in the Management Policy reorganized from the CSR perspective, and the “Sumitomo Life Brand Vision” states the “Image of the Company from customer’s perspective” that we are aim to become in the medium- to long-term.
The “Sumitomo Life Group Code of Conduct” has been established as a set of guidelines for executives and employees of Sumitomo Life and each Group company.

Management Policy

CSR Management Policy

Sumitomo Life has established the “CSR Management Policy” as one of its management policies, and promotes CSR management. Against this backdrop, in view of global trends such as the SDGs, which were put forward by the United Nations and are pursued by both the public and private sectors in Japan, items that are important in the promotion of CSR management (key items of CSR) were summarized as follows.

Brand Vision

As Sumitomo Life’s brand vision, we have declared the achievement of “Four Advanced Values” as our goal to empower the future of our customers.

By providing these values to each of our customers through the ongoing efforts of all of our executives and employees, we hope to distinguish the uniqueness and prominence of our services. We are sure that by continuing to thoroughly provide these values we will be able to increase the loyalty of our customers.

With the brand message “empowering your future,” which conveys the commitment to our customers in our brand vision, we hope to help protect and support our customers and their families by directly addressing their concerns as they plan for and move beyond life’s challenges. We will do our utmost to fulfill this role, which, we believe, should form the basis of all life insurance businesses.

Sumitomo Life Group Code of Conduct

The Company has formulated the “Sumitomo Life Group Code of Conduct” as a set of guidelines, in order to ensure that each and every executive or employee of Sumitomo Life and each Group company will put the operating policy into practice through their actions.

Sumitomo Life Group Human Rights Policy

The Sumitomo Life Group Code of Conduct, which has been established to ensure that all executives and employees put our management policies into practice at the level of their actions, clearly states the importance of respecting human rights and ensuring a good working environment.
In addition, we have established the Sumitomo Life Group Human Rights Policy as a guideline for promoting CSR, which is a universal mission for a company, and contributing to the creation of a healthy and affluent society through efforts to respect human rights in all business activities.

Sumitomo Life Group Human Rights Policy

Sumitomo Life Insurance Company (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) upholds its corporate philosophy, “Management Policy,” as its top management policy, along with the CSR Management Policy and the Sumitomo Life Brand Vision. The Sumitomo Life Group Code of Conduct has also been established to ensure that executives and employees act in accordance with the policies.
We have established the “Sumitomo Life Group Human Rights Policy” in accordance with the management policies mentioned above. Our company and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “our group”) are going to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives which is our universal mission, and to contribute to the realization of a healthy and fulfilling society through efforts to respect the human rights of stakeholders involved in all business activities.

  1. Respect for international norms
    Our group will seek ways to respect international human rights principles, including the International Bill of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, while complying with local laws and regulations.
  2. Scope of the Policy
    This Policy applies to all executives and employees of our group. In accordance with this policy, we will also respect human rights when investing and lending.
  3. Respect for Human Rights in Business Activities
    Our group respects the human rights of stakeholders in all processes of its business activities.
    Therefore, our group will not discriminate or violate human rights in any of its business activities on the basis of protected characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, origin, social status, creed, religion, disability or physical characteristics.
    In order to realize a society in which human rights are truly respected and free from discrimination and prejudice in the face of diversifying human rights issues, our group will promote the creation of a corporate culture of respect for human rights, in which each and every executive and employee views human rights as his or her own issues and acts with a good sense of human rights.
  4. Human rights due diligence
    Recognizing that our group aspires to reflect the values expressed in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, our group will look to promote human rights due diligence.
  5. Remediation and correction
    If our group's business activities have a negative impact on human rights, or if it is discovered that our group was involved in such activities, our group will take appropriate steps to remedy or correct the situation, and work to prevent its recurrence.
  6. Education and enlightenment
    In order to ensure the effective implementation of this policy in its business activities, our group will implement appropriate education and a wide range of enlightenment regarding human rights for all executives and employees.
  7. Dialogue with Stakeholders
    Our group will endeavor to engage in dialogue and consultation with stakeholders in order to address human rights issues.
  8. Information disclosure
    Our initiatives to respect human rights based on this policy will be disclosed on our company website.