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Corporate Philosophy/Operating Policy/Standards

Corporate Philosophy “Management Policy”

1. Based upon the concepts of coexistence, co-prosperity and mutual support, we strive to strengthen and expand our business, while contributing to the advancement of social and public welfare.

2. Creditworthiness and steadiness will be the foundation for the execution of our business.

3. We will always remain composed in judgment and retain a progressive and indomitable spirit, responding to changes in our environment and keeping abreast of the times.

The Management Policy, which represents our corporate philosophy, was formulated in 1952 to stipulate the unwritten fundamental policy on our operations which had been adhered to until then.

We clearly express our commitment to "contributing to the advancement of social and public welfare" through the life insurance business in the Policy. The Policy upholds Sumitomo’s Business Philosophy which underlies “Monjuin Shiigaki” which Masatomo Sumitomo, the founder of the Sumitomo family, wrote 400 years ago to offer guidance on how a merchant should conduct business. It also upholds “Business Principles” listed in the Rules Governing the House of Sumitomo.

Contributing to the advancement of social and public welfare which is stated in Article 1 of the “Management Policy” has been our unchangeable purpose since the founding of our company.

The structure of the management philosophy to realize our purpose is as follows:

 Our Purpose 

“Contribute to the advancement of social and public welfare”

We support customers’ lives and contribute to the customers and society through life insurance business.

 Our Mission 

“Contribute to the realization of a society of affluence, vitality, health and longevity”

“Contribute to the realization of sustainable society and grow sustainably”

“Contribute to ‘well-being for all’ ”

We have formulated the “Sustainability Management Policy,” which expresses the universal mission stated in the Management Policy from a sustainability perspective.

We also list in the “Sustainability Management Policy” as follows : “contribution to the realization of a society of health and longevity through the sound operation and development of the insurance business,” “contribution to the realization of a sustainable society through the honest business operations and efforts to solve social and environmental issues.”